Public art installation on King Edward Skytrain Station (six month duration November 2019).
Project aims to generate dialogue amongst transit community regarding our current geological epoch Anthropocene.

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"Litter Fish' was created for a public art project, commissioned by the city of Richmond for art-wrapped, receptacles at Garry Point Park.  
This artwork was created with intentions to deter the public from improper disposal of litter near waterways. The artist photographed the Sockeye Salmon, and each individual piece of litter, of which she collected from a single shoreline clean up in English Bay.
The items found within the fish represent the most abundant and destructive forms of litter that are commonly found on shorelines across the globe.




Desirée was commissioned by the BC Children's Hospital to create five murals for their new Acute Care Centre.
To fit with the way finding themes of the hospital, she created artworks depicting local flora and fauna; playfully exploring British Columbian ecology. The artist’s intent was to create intriguing distractions in the allocated waiting rooms; contributing to the overall therapeutic environment envisioned for the hospital’s patients, families and staff.
Due to the public and unique environment of these of these murals, we were not able to document the installations. Below are scaled renderings.
*PLEASE NOTE; the artist does not support captivity; animals were photographed in the wild.