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Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

I am very grateful to Co-op Radio and Sarvenaz Amanat, for the 1.5 hour interview on Monday April 15th, 2019.
We had the chance to discuss my current exhibition at Gallery 1515, the Earth Month events I’ve organized to coincide with the exhibition and of course we talked about my art practice and passion for environmental preservation.
Please have a listen to the links above.
This was my first radio experience, and I absolutely loved it! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Vancouver’s Co-operative Radio Station (CFRO, 100.5FM) which is an innovative non-profit community radio station & podcast recording studio. Their mission is to provide a voice for those underrepresented in mainstream media. 
Each week, Co-op Radio provides access to community space, training and equipment for 300+ volunteers who produce 140 hours of original programming, in over 10 languages.
They are a mosaic of 90 unique Radio Show collectives, supported in partnership by some of the most respected non-profit organizations in the province. Their beautiful Radio Station is a jewel in the heart of the city, and since 1975 they have celebrated the GVRD’s rich cultural diversity through arts, music, and spoken word programming. Check them out for non-commerical, ‘real-talk’ radio!



Earth Month YVR, that has such a nice ring to it!?
It’s a concept I came up with, in attempts to start a local movement that focuses the month of April into ‘Earth Month,’ opposed to just a single Earth Day (April 22).
To get started on this concept, I decided to see what I could do for this April 2019, and then see where I could take it in following years.
I am pleased to say, and due to the tremendous support of Sarvenaz Amanat (Gallery 1515) and curator Allison Thompson (AT Art and Interiors), I’ve been able to coordinate a two part speaker series, as well as a month long exhibition; debuting my latest environmental series Anthropocene; The Present I.

The ultimate goal for this year is to try and generate awareness through visual artwork and empower community through events with resource sharing and inspiring speakers.

The art exhibition runs from April 5 - 25th | Monday to Friday from 9-5 and on weekends by appointment

And our public empowerment evenings, will be hosted at Gallery 1515 on April 11th and April 18th.

We are very grateful to have this inspiring line up of female activists speaking!

On our ‘
Evening for Climate Change’ (April 11 @ Gallery 1515 from 7-9pm) we have:
Izzy Czerveniak, Western Organizer of David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot Movement
Erzsi Institorisz, Co-Founder of GreenSeeds Music Society, Climate Reality Project Leader, Suzuki Speaks
and ButterflyWay Project Ranger with the David Suzuki Foundation

And on our ‘Evening for Ocean Conservation’ (April 18 @ Gallery 1515 from 7-9pm) we have:
Dr. Elaine Leung, Founder & Executive Director of Sea Smart
Marin Davidson, Events Director of Vancouver’s chapter of Surfrider Foundation

In addition, I will also be speaking each evening about how environmentalism has influenced my practise, my personal experiences with low carbon living and how I got started!

I’ve created a brief post below, that is a condensed review of my talk.
It’s comprised of the steps I took as an individual to reduce my environmental impacts, and I have linked some resources that I personally have found very useful during my transitions.


Fish typographic artwork above was created by BLUE THE FILM

eco living.jpg

STEP 1 - Awareness
The documentaries listed on the sheet are all linked at the bottom of this page. 
Most are available on Netflix and others can be downloaded. 
Again, my all time fav is MISSION BLUE.  I highly recommend this film and promise it will touch your heart!  (it's available on Netflix)

Step 2 - Alternatives
My go-to resources that have been key to finding 'GREEN' alternatives:

This living Blue GUIDE
Ted Talk - Sustainability  
David Suzuki Foundation
Queen of Green  
City Of Vancouver - Green Living
Green Choices 
Wiki How - Eco Lifestyle
Plastic Free Living 
Global Stewards

Here are a few pdf links for DIY eco friendly recipes:
Home Care
Hair Care
Body Care
Baby Care
Reef safe Sunscreen List

Ted Talk - Weekday Veg  
Amazing Vegetarian Recipes
Eating Sustainably
Carbon Foodprint
Sustainable Restaurants in Vancouver


handy carbon footprint calculator.

portfolio of dozens of projects around the world 

The Ocean Clean Up
Surf Rider
5 Minute Beach Clean Up
Al Gore's Climate Reality Project
Dogwood BC
Suzuki Foundation
Blue Dot Movement
Sum Of US
Sea Legacy
Georgia Straight Alliance 
Care to Action

Suzuki Foundation
Sea Smart
educational programs -the film BLUE

Step 3 - Action

As simple as it sounds - take action. Right here, right now, just start. Once you take this step, everything intuitively starts to fall into place; I promise. And the more you commit to in lessening your environmental impacts, the more benefits you’ll see in your health; both physical and mental!
I also encourage people to join the community of folks that are actively participating in environmental events, like shoreline clean ups, rallies and demonstrations, film screenings at local hubs like Patagonia!
The people that I’ve met through my attendance to these events, have been some of the kindest, most inspiring individuals, that are very inclusive and welcoming. The goal is genuinely to get as many people to come together as possible. That is where the power is, and it’s a great movement and community to be apart of. I am sure you’ll make some incredible friends!

I would love to read in the comments below if anyone has great resources  to share,  wants to discuss the triumphs or challenges from personal experiences with lifestyle changes or if anyone wants to reach out to me for support - please feel free to get in touch any time!