Artist Talk @ Truth and Beauty Gallery

This year for Capture Photography Festival, I have the great fortune of exhibiting my artwork with Truth and Beauty Gallery, here in Vancouver, BC. 

One of the events curator Peppa Martin and I have planned, is an Artist Talk on the eve of Earth Day (April 21st 2018).

I am really looking forward to this discussion and I am grateful to have a platform to share my passion for the environment, and talk about how it has shaped my art practice and my lifestyle.
I see this as a great opportunity to connect with my community and hopefully, inspire awareness and action towards eco friendly living.  

This artist talk prompted me to create a resource 'take-away' for attendees of the event.

eco living.jpg

The documentaries listed on the sheet are all linked at the bottom of this page. 
Most are available on Netflix and others can be downloaded. 
Again, my all time fav is MISSION BLUE.  I highly recommend this film and promise it will touch your heart!  (it's availble on Netflix)

Step 2
My go-to resources that have been key to finding 'GREEN' alternatives:

Ted Talk - Sustainability  
David Suzuki Foundation
Queen of Green  
City Of Vancouver - Green Living
Green Choices 
Wiki How - Eco Lifestyle
Plastic Free Living 
Global Stewards

Ted Talk - Weekday Veg  
Amazing Vegetarian Recipes
Eating Sustainably
Carbon Foodprint
Sustainable Restaurants in Vancouver

Suzuki Foundation

Step 3
Taking Action!  I would love to read in the comments below if anyone has great resources  to share,  wants to discuss the triumphs or challenges from personal experiences with lifestyle changes or if anyone wants to reach out to me for support - please feel free to get in touch any time!