Fighting For The Future

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”
 -Thomas Jefferson

 Kinder Morgan Protest, Burnaby Mountain, April 7th 2018  | With my lifelong friend, Wes McVey.

Kinder Morgan Protest, Burnaby Mountain, April 7th 2018  | With my lifelong friend, Wes McVey.

Four years ago, I dedicated my career to creating compositional artwork that advocates for awareness and preservation of nature🌎 I could no longer sit back and watch the illogical management of natural environments, without trying to make a difference or have my voice heard.  It has become the driving purpose of my being, and my ultimate inspiration.
Along this soulful journey, I’ve connected with many kindred spirits, and standing up for what I believe in, has become the greatest honour of my life. 
I will gladly commit my days on this Earth, to promoting stewardship and action towards a sustainable future.

 At present, my country of Canada, is divisive over a pipeline expansion project and it’s fostering the most irrational of actions. I fear that the leadership of my country, is being blinded by the constructs of a mind riddled with panic, fear and greed. After extensive research, reviewing the economic benefit and environmental risk of this project, it’s apparent that this expansion IS NOT in the best interests of Canadians; not at all!  Marketed ‘benefits’ are deceptive and are ingeniously crafted to allow a corrupt corporation exploit our country and resources. The simple fact that the bitumen won’t even be refined in Canada, is transparent of how these ‘1000’s of jobs’ that will drive the national economy, are in fact only temporary during the construction phase. Since when has a boom bust economic structure benefited the nation? And why is our government so quick to offer an undisclosed amount of tax dollars to a corporation (with a concerning history of scandal and bankruptcy #Enron), when their own shareholders are questioning the risks of this investment? It is terrifying to see this 'lack of conscious’ decision making!

I stand in solidarity with the Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam, Squamish and all other indigenous and environmentalists alike. Thank you for leading this resistance 🙌🏻 and for protecting the land for all citizens of the world. I am proud to support these defenders in protest and have found optimism through the sheer passion of others, enduring the fight against corporate greed.  #stopkindermorgan