Environmental Blog

My goal as an artist and as an eco-conscious individual, is to inspire environmental preservation. 
I am dedicating this blog to sharing resources, documentaries, petitions, and general information for anyone interested in learning more about how they can transition to a sustainable lifestyle.  

Documentaries have always played a powerful role in generating public awareness and I felt it was important to share films that I've found profoundly inspiring and that have ultimately, changed my life. 

Mission Blue, is a film that captivated my heart, and it honestly inspired me to dedicate my life to 'doing my part' for the world I so dearly love.  Dr. Sylvia Earl is totally my hero!  
Please, if any, watch this film! I've posted the trailer below for a quick teaser. 


All of the documentaries below (just click the image for direct links),  are available on Netflix,  via youtube and some do require purchase. I feel confident recommending this list to everyone and anyone.  Each film touches upon serious subject matter, however provides optimism thorough solutions.  Please feel free to share these with family and friends, the more people aware, the more change we will see! 


If you have any suggestions for films you've resonated with or have questions, please feel free to leave comments below!